Private Theater Rentals at Paragon Theaters

When Covid first reared its ugly head, movie lovers all wondered the same thing: Is the entertainment industry going to make it? Innovative alternatives were their only option, and soon cinema chains all over the United States were renting out entire auditoriums to hesitant moviegoers in a desperate bid to make some cash. As a result, private theater rentals (PTRs) continue to be one of the top entertainment trends that people still can’t get enough of, pandemic or not.

Even if you are fully vaccinated and ready to mingle, why sit next to strangers during a movie when you can sit next to friends? Paragon Parkside Theaters + Extreme & Penny Lanes in Cary rents out theaters starting at $400, which might sound steep until you consider how easily that can be split among your girlfriends, classmates, co-workers, you name it! Prices depend on the date, time, movie, and number of people, but theater rental has no minimum attendee requirement. So if you’re looking to impress your significant other privately, the buck stops here!

“I believe that Covid has caused a lot of concerns in the community, and being able to know you can have a private theater rental, and only have your group of people in there to view the movie, gives a sense of protection from the outside,” said Ashley Dreps, sales/event manager at Paragon. “We clean and sanitize the theaters before and after PTRs, so there is that part of the cleanliness that I believe also attracts the guests!”

If you’re looking to continue your night of fun following the movie, Paragon also off ers bowling, an arcade with competitive games, a bar and restaurant serving craft beer, and more. Enjoy!

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