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Elevate your workout.

Start off your new year workouts fashionably! Say farewell to the era of baggy pants and oversized sweatshirts. Chic, conformable, and functional is trending. Embrace a fashion that resonates with your individuality this year. Once you’ve chosen your day’s workout selection, the fun part begins: choosing your outfit. I curated fashionable fitness looks by some strong athletic hitters. Options abound, spanning renowned brands like lululemon, G/Fore, and Z Supply. From Coastal Urge to Athleta and Southern Tide, you’ll find items that will keep you warm for your long runs and breathable fabrics for high-intensity workouts.

Coastal Urge

Women’s: At the barre or on the court, you’ll be stylish and comfortable with featured brands such as Z Supply and Le Pickle Club.

Men’s: Elevate your golf gear with Rhone and G/Fore, featuring stylish and breathable comfort.


Women’s: If you’re anything like me, working out and workout attire go stride for stride. Some even say that when you feel good in your workout wear, your exercise intensity kicks up a notch.

Men’s: Experience an invigorating heart rate workout minus the discomfort of feeling the sweat thanks to breathable fabrics.


Women’s: Sporty and stylish with a burst of color — perfect for your everyday active game.

Girl’s: Activewear isn’t just for the gym, it’s now a lifestyle! Make your everyday wear comfy and chic.

Southern Tide (Men’s)

Men’s: Where performance meets comfort.

Women’s: Whether you’re hitting the tennis or pickleball courts, you’ll exude style and move effortlessly.


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